I Want Your Zines! I'm always looking for awesome zines to add to the distro and spotlight everywhere I can. How it works is basically, you send me a copy of your zine, and if I think it's a good fit for the distro, I'll buy some copies (usually ~10) from you to sell here.


First things first (in case you're new to zine distros), I'm not buying the "rights" to your work or anything. You are completely free to sell or share your work however you want and at whatever price you want even after I've bought copies.

I accept physical (mail me a printed zine) or digital (email me a PDF) copies for submission. Once I've read your zine (if I think it's a good fit), I'll purchase some copies from you for 60% of the cover (retail) price plus the cost of shipping it to me, and/or 100% of the cover price in trade/distro credit!

Alternatively (if printing and shipping is inaccessible or just a hassle for you), I can print copies of your zine myself and pay you for your zine minus the print costs.

Please contact me at [email protected] for more info if you're interested in selling your zine here, and check out the submission guidelines below for a sense of what I'm looking for.


I have very few Rules about what zines I will or won't distribute. These guidelines are just to give you a general idea of what stuff I'm after; I will read any submission you send!
  • Your zine should retail for $10 or less, unless it's really hefty or fancy.
  • Content over production quality. To keep things accessible, I'd generally rather get a $5 zine on cheap paper than a $10 zine on expensive paper.
  • This is really the only Rule: no bullshit, okay? That means no racism, transphobia, antisemitism, ableism, facism, or right-wing nazi trash.

The following list is non-exclusive! But as far as content goes, I definitely want you to submit if your zine is about:
  • Any occult topic. This includes magic, witchcraft, astrology, alchemy, tarot, folklore, occult history, supernatural creatures, ghosts, ghouls, and spookiness of all kinds.
  • Queerness, gender, and other shapeshifting
  • Being goth, punk, new wave, emo, riot grrrl, or otherwise an edgy misanthrope
  • Animals, nature, and all that hippie green witch stuff
  • Perzines, poetry, and art zines are also welcome! (I just say that in particular because some distros don't accept those).

Email me at [email protected] with any questions at all or to submit a zine! I can't wait to see your stuff!