Every(ish) Friday on my blog, I highlight zines that can be read for FREE online! I've decided to list them here as well so that everyone who arrives at this site can leave with a zine to read no matter what. Zines are listed in reverse chronological order from when they appeared on the blog. Links go to the blog post they appeared in, which has additional information, thoughts and links to each zine and their creators.

Also friendly reminder that all of my zines are available to download for free from in printable and screen-readable formats!

Bound by Bethany Fortner
The Sisterhood of the Living Dead by Maggie Grimason
The F Word by Nyx (seagreenzines)
Youth Culture 2000 by Mia Lin + Melissa Niles
What Do You Think You’re Doing? by Kaiser Caimo
Wait, What Happened? #1 by Cat/Kowski
Knowing the Land is Resistance by the KLR Collective
new hearts new bones #2 by cheering and waving press
Destroy Your Lawn! by anonymous
BOYGIRL BABBLES: Issue #01: Homecoming by Jenna (boygirlbabbles)
Bittersweet by Bitter Pill Press
The Four Colour Theorem by Jorge Luján Mora
TigerxTiger by edward (catboyriot)
The Selkie and the Lighthouse Keeper by sewagebaby2
A Self-Defense Study Guide for Trans Women and Gender Non-Conforming AMAB Folks by TransFighters, Oakland

Want your zine on the list? Email me at [email protected]!