About 22 Zines

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Hi, I’m Wesley Sueker (he/she), I’m a trans demiboy and goth flower child zinester from occupied Naumkeag/Salem Mass, and Twenty Two Zines is my zine hub!

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22Z is a zine resource library, community collection and zine distro. Rooted in the transformative power of small press, my mission (which I've chosen to accept) is fostering radical creativity—the personal, social, and societal liberation that comes from the act of creation regardless of outcome. 22Z is about free and accessible information, friendliness and inclusivity, and a philosophy of sharing over selling.

My goal is to help zinesters, new and veteran, feel empowered in the myriad processes involved in zine creation—creating, arranging, printing, and distribution & trading. One aspect of this is the zine distro, which provides a space for zinesters to get their zines out there (not to mention helping to cover xerox bills). But the hope is that everyone who encounters 22Z will leave with something, regardless whether they purchase a zine from the distro. 

I’m also a public librarian in my day job, and I have lots of experience with incorporating zines in the public library setting—and doing them justice! Give me a holler if you ever want to talk zine librarianship.

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Hope you enjoy, and always feel free to email me at twentytwozines[at]gmail.com with any questions at all!