Unfair Maiden #3: The Homecoming Issue

Unfair Maiden #3: The Homecoming Issue

Unfair Maiden #3 is the second issue of my perzine series about love, life, and the occult. Learn my darkest fears and secrets, then watch in amazement as I hastily try to cover them up with funny drawings!

Issue 3 includes musings on my dream homes, a rant against command strips, the grief of moving, my stuffed animals and other treasured possessions, and more! For anyone who has ever had a shitty apartment.

Cover art by Lottie, an incredibly talented and far-too-modest artist. Check out their stuff here: https://www.swollenbabyfat.com/

34 pages, B&W with a color cover, 8.5" x 5.5" (half letter).

I love trades! Please email me to arrange: [email protected]
Digital copies are available for free or donation! Check it out here: https://twentytwozines.itch.io/unfair-maiden-3