Tales from the Feral Femme

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Tales from the Feral Femme

by Victoria!

Tory and I have kinda joked that we're mirrors of each other--we live on opposite coasts and we each transitioned to the other's dead gender. And I don't think I've told her yet, but this zine shows another mirror we have in common--each of us had our good parent die just before we transitioned, and the transphobic parent stayed alive. For me it was my dad, for Tory her mom. And isn't it funny, the very first page of this minizine is a reflection (pun intended) on the mirror of Venus.

Even if you don't share her experiences in the eerily similar way that I do, this zine is still worth reading for the transformation from shame and fear through the mires of grief and parental transphobia and out the other side to an embodied and joyful transness. And despite the heavy subject matter, something about this zine feels optimistic and beautiful. Maybe it's the trans flag colors on the pages, maybe it's knowing that it has a happy ending purely from the confidence and power in the title. Or maybe it's because there's a certain shared joy in knowing you're not alone in having experienced shame and sadness and grief in your life. It's like listening to the Cure. (Incidentally, does anyone else feel like Boys Don't Cry is a secret queer song?)

8 pages, color, 2.75" x 4.25" (minizine)

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