Pokémon Oracle: Unofficial Trading Card Divination system


by KJM!

Introducing the Pokémon Tarot/Oracle: the unofficial trading card divination system! Intuitively read Pokémon cards for divination. Learn to read fortunes for yourself and others. Read with the cards you have!

This handy zine shows you how to read a Pokémon card as an oracle to divine your future, illuminate your past and gain clarity on your present. And trust me, it works shockingly well. I had probably one of the most incredible readings of my life using the Pokéball spread in this zine.

This zine gives you keywords, tips, and an example for reading Pokémon cards using the card/Pokémon's type, evolution, image, move set, and more! K also gives you some great oracle spreads and has included adorable drawings throughout (Abra my beloved!).

12 page, Color, 5.5" x 8.5" (half letter)

Everything in the distro is available for trades of all kinds! Please email me to arrange: [email protected]
Digital copies are available from the creator free or donation! Check it out here: https://twentytwozines.itch.io/pokemon-oracle
AND if you want a "professional" reading from my sister, a bona-fide Pokémon Master whose Pokéknowledge rivals all the professors' put-togethers, send me an email at [email protected] to arrange!