I Bought a Panama Hat in Hawaii and I have No Regrets

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by WormyOrchids, a.k.a. Jam!

A bunch of gems overheard from eavesdropping, plus scenes from the place of the conversation in question! I knew I had to get this zine when I saw the line "Grandma, you're BETTER than that!!!" in a scene with tacky California mugs and Ponderosa pine trees, because that was basically my life with my grandma in Berkeley. I imagine the grandma was either looking at a "World's Best Grandma" mug... or perhaps a t-shirt with something like "Life's a Beach... Then You Die". Jam--how close am I?

I love out-of-context quotes. I used to write funny-sounding quotes from my professors in the margins of my notes. There's something so real about them, like they just highlight the absurdity of life and love and humanity and communication. It's the sort of thing you could never write yourself because they can't be simulated; they need that breath of life to carry them, you now?

8 pages plus foldout, B&W, 2.75" x 4.25" (minizine)

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