Everyone Dies


by Low!

Content Warning: death, funerals, and grief

"The only thing we know for sure is that everyone dies." I'd put forth another certainty--that we as a society don't sufficiently acknowledge the realities of dying, grief, and the death industry. In this zine, Low talks plainly about grief resulting from death, how death and dying is glossed over and corporatised, and the process and finances for a different ways of dealing with dead bodies.

This is an excellent primer on death and dying not only for the clear and honest way it gives the nonfiction information, but also in the way it makes space for the feelings that arise from death in a way that prioritizes personal stories and rituals instead of euphemisms and platitudes. Honestly, this is a great zine for everyone to reference, because as Low says, everyone dies!

24 pages, B&W with green cover, 5.5" x 8.25" (half letter)

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