Together Forever


by Low!

CW: Animal death, euthanasia, and processing of animal bodies. Some images are quite graphic--these pages are stuck together with a sticker for when you're ready.

"How & Why I Preserved My Cat After Death". The story of the beautiful life and tragic decline of Sofi Kitty. For anyone who has struggled to find a way to memorialize a pet upon their death, Low puts forth an interesting (and perhaps macabre) option--her cat's skeleton preserved and articulated.

I think this zine is Important. It's so important to feel connected to an animal (humans included) after they have passed, and oftentimes the perceived morbidity of alternative methods of preservation leave these methods unknown and unconsidered. Low talks about Sofi, the decision to humanely euthanize her, memorial options Low considered, and documented the process of having Sofi's skeleton articulated. You can feel how deepy Low loved--and continues to love--Sofi Kitty, and how much comfort it brings in knowing Sofi is still here in some way.

16 pages, B&W, 5.5" x 8.25" (half letter)

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