Donate to the Distro

$0.01 - $10.00

First off, thanks for clicking on this! So as you might guess, there are a lot of little fees that go along with running this distro online, from transaction fees to domain and site hosting. I'm committed to keeping the prices of zines as accessible (as in cheap) as possible, and I want to continue to offer really good prices to zine creators for their work.

Basically, this distro does not make money. Quite the opposite, in fact. And that's okay. Some things are more important than money--like building a community of zinesters, getting more zines seen, and taking some of the burden of sales and marketing and shit off of the zinesters so they can funnel that energy back into creating.

By making a donation to the distro, you're helping me cover all the little expenses that go along with running it so I can keep them out of the price of zines! And that means not only are you really cool and generous, but you're also making it possible for people to have access to zines they might not otherwise afford.

Thanks so much, and stay rad!