Die Totenkatze Gemütlichkeit (The Dead Cat's Comfort)

Die Totenkatze Gemütlichkeit (The Dead Cat's Comfort)

The Dead Cat's Comfort: A zine about psychopomp kitties

“The Dead Cat’s Comfort”, or Wisdom leads Reason into the Nothing-Place. A storybook-style ars moriendi with advice on death and dying from my deceased cat, Wisdom. Remember: eine gute Geschichte ist ein mit einem Ende (a good story is one with an ending).

There's a short piece in German and English at the beginning, but the rest is in English. I just wanted to try and include some (probably not good) German as a nod to the original Ars Moriendi, which was written at Constance, Germany, and to my family's German-Jewish heritage.

12 pages, Color cover + B&W interior, 5.5" x 8.5" (half letter). Fall 2022.

I love trades! Please email me to arrange: [email protected]
Digital copies are available for free or donation! Check it out here: https://twentytwozines.itch.io/die-totenkatze