Brain School


by WormyOrchids, a.k.a. Jam!

A comic about attending brain school--beginning intensive treatment for anxiety, OCD, and depression. Jam shares their experience so far of tending to compartmentalize or ignore certain topics in fear of triggering symptoms. And let me say, that is too relatable as someone who was always presenting that "everything is fine" because it was so hard to be alone with my thoughts, all to the point that I was constantly exhausting myself.

This zine has such a beautiful, tender optimism. Not the kind that you put on out of avoidance, but the kind when you're finally starting to see a way forward, like maybe things really can get better.

16 pages, B&W on pale blue paper (which for some reason did not show up in the photos, but trust me), 2.75" x 4.25" (minizine)

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